New Home Designs & Remodeling Designs Based in Waterford, Michigan

Create the living space you've always wanted with E F Deering based in Waterford, Michigan, using my online new construction and home remodeling designs. I use 3-D imaging, as well as CAD and 2-D imaging, to create quality drawings and blueprints for interior and exterior projects.
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How It Works

I put the design of your existing house on the computer, and then work out the blueprints and drawings for how the house will look with a new addition or whatever you want me to provide. My attention to detail is such that I show sections,elevations, furniture, cabinets and electrical. You will be able to see my computer screen on your computer in real time as we work together on your design using 'Go To'. It works with up to 12 computers at the same time. Saving you time. No need to come to my office or me coming to you.

Designing for Builders

I also do design work for builders needing complete plans, layouts (prints), and cabinets to show their customers. If you'd like to ensure your customer's satisfaction with a project, take advantage of my home remodeling designs and new home designs. There are certain builders I work with who refuse to go to any other construction expert for their designs.
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