House Rear Before (Birmingham) View from West During Construction. Had to leave North wall and 8'
of east and West wall (Code Requirement)
 West After
South Side and Front During Construction South Side After East/Front after
Lakeside Before (Indian River) Lakeside During Roadside Before
Roadside During Roadside During Covered Brick wall and Fireplace (Waterford)
Handrail Profile to Match
Victorian Railing Profile to Match for 3 Floors. Both Sides. Hand Carved Turns  Oak- Upper and Lower Turns Glued Up. Then carved
to match Profile. Using convetional tools and some custom made.
Finished Upper Turn
Finish Sanded Lower Turn Upper and Lower Finished Set of Lowers
3- Oak, Stackable Baseball Card Cabinets. Designed and built for trade shows and exhibets Oak and Mahogany custom doors built to fit antique
glass and for display at Birminghan Design Center
Custom Victorian door and phone booth to fit glass
with custom trim and Tin wall and ceiling
 Azek ™- Custom Fence panels (Birmingham) Made to fit betweem Stone Pillers. New Garage in Background Azek's- add in Remodeling Magazine Fence and new Addition from inside of Yard
Azek™ Fence detail. The panels where made up
of verious thickness' of Azek™ Planed, Ripped, Routered and glued together
Remote Controlled Electric Gates Viewed from Roadside Gates with custom Hinges. Viewed form Roadside
The Gates have a Steel Core with matching inside and outside Azek™ Panels glued to each other Opener attched to Steel Core
New Garage with added details Garage details in Hamony with House
Cantilevered Stairs Roughed (Birmingham) Cantilevered Stairs Finished Stair Details