Before (Commerce) Designed for  (1)                  


Design Rendering. 2 Bedroms and Walk
in closets Over Garage. (2)
Finished Project (3)
All Seasons Rm. Designed for Max. View of Dear in the Clients Back Yard. Designed for Owner (1) 180 Degree View (2) Inside with 180 View (3)
Total Remodel. Design Render Views, Day & Night 3D Overviews for easier Understanding Overview
Before (Orchard Lake) (1)
Designed for
Design Rendering (2) Completed (3)
Glass House View (4) Completed (5)

As a Designer/Builder this is what I strive to Achieve.
 Be aware that if you are addding on you will need a Mortgage Survey and some Municipalities , a
Site/Land Survey Before that part of the design
process can begin.

This is something that often happens do to hidden supprizes, often from previous work. With my 45+ years of experience we can make this a minor bump. One of the obstacles might be that we'll have to go before a 'Board of Appeals'. Which can be up to a 3 months wait. Closely working with the client and or builder
this can be avoided. Every detail can be viewed
on screen before the final Prints are completed. Thus avoiding 'Work Order Changes' and additional expenses.
With detailed working Drawings this can and will be avoided. Saving the cost of a Devorce Attorney. As a client you need to be aware that the Finacial Institute will want a full set of drawings along with estimates for the project. If your in a subdivision association they will have
to approve the plans before you can submit
them to the Building Dept. Give your self plenty of time before your anticipated start time.
2- Bonus Rm. additions on houses side by side
W. Bloomfield. Both Designed for and built by   (1)
House on left before (2) House on left during construction (3)
House on left finished (4) House on right before (5) House on left finished (6)